Five Miami Food Halls You Can’t Miss

Hey Hey! Happy Tuesday Friends! I’m so pumped to be writing this post because 1. I love food. 2. I love food and 3. I love food hahaa. Miami’s been popping up with food halls… View Post

Holiday Season In Florida

The holiday season in Florida is like no other. It’s hands down my favorite time of the year. The weather (slight difference from the usual 100℉), the decorating, the fun corny things we do with… View Post

The Best Brownies You’ve Never Had

A few weeks back, I was watching stories on Instagram and came across Eatitmia’s story. What my eyes had just witnessed was heaven. Literally, heaven being created. Okay okay so not literally. But she was making brownies… View Post

Favorite Spots in South Florida

1. Hidden Gem: Albie’s SUB Factory is literally a hole in the wall. But that doesn’t stop food goers from stopping by and getting themselves a massive sub with all the works. Albie’s offers breakfast subs,… View Post