I Used Glossier For Three Months. Here’s What Happened.

I Used Glossier For Three Months. Here’s What Happened.

My skin has never been “perfect” or “clear”. Okay maybe when I was a kid before makeup and puberty came into the picture. But ever since, I’ve struggled tremendously with my skin. My acne and scars were a constant battle, I was wearing foundation every. single. day to hide my face. So treating my skin has been a long journey. I had tried Proactiv when I was younger but it only made my skin worse. I did microneedling once and it kept my skin clear for a few weeks but afterwards, my breakouts came back even stronger. And if we’re keeping it real (which I always do), I can’t afford the constant trip to a dermatologist office to get these treatments done.

Then Glossier came into the picture. At the end of last year, I started using their Skincare Set. And I really wanted to take the time to see how the products sat with my skin and give you guys my honest opinions. Because nobody has time or money to waste. Here’s what happened.

My Skin

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Felt like heaven on my skin. Used it day and night. Was super gentle and left my skin soft. In the mornings, I’d wake up with less irritation and redness.


This was my FAVORITE thing to use on my skin. It’s so good and it really got all the dirt off my skin. Again, like everything else, it left my skin super soft. And often times, solutions or toners can be too strong or make your skin dry but this one was gentle enough to use everyday.

Priming Moisturizer

My skin is super oily but I never felt like this moisturizer was going to add to that. Instead it kept my skin feeling hydrated and soft. I use it before applying my makeup and it helped my makeup go on smoother and stay on longer. Literally everything you could want in a primer.

Balm Dotcom

Love this thing. On days when I wanted to keep it extra simple, I’d use this on my eyebrows, my lips, my cheekbones for a sheer glow. Even on my cuticles. Super moisturizing + nourishing.

Super Bounce Serum

This serum was gone way too quick. I used it daily and it instantly felt like I had walked out of a facial. The softness of my skin was unreal. I did mess up by using it day and night (nothing bad happened) just be careful. It’s recommended you use it once a day.

Hope you guys liked this post! Let me know what your skincare routine looks like. And let me know if you’ve ever tried Glossier + what your favorite beauty items are.

Love you guys to pieces! Xoxo


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  1. Alexp
    March 10, 2019 / 7:00 pm

    Such a great post! ☺️

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