Honeymooning in the City | New York

Honeymooning in the City | New York

Usually, when you think of honeymoons you think of a beautiful relaxing beach, bungalows, swimming in the waters of Tahiti lol. That was my dream but our honeymoon was a little unconventional and because of the wedding and our home, money was tight. So we decided to go to our favorite city instead, New York! Ps. we’re super grateful we’ve even gotten to do the things we’ve done. A lot of couples our age don’t get to have the wedding of their dreams, don’t get to go on their honeymoon or don’t have the financial means to own a house. God has blessed us beyond our expectations. So now that that’s been said, let’s get into some NY funnnn.

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. Was It Worth All The Hype?

If you were to ask Alex what he was most excited about, he’d hands down say Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. Funny story, we were supposed to go to London last September but because of Alex’s new position at work, we weren’t able to. London is HP central and we were gonna do the Warner Brother Studio Tour that shows you the where they filmed and everything. So getting the opportunity to watch HP and the Cursed Child in Broadway was almost like redemption hahaa.

The show was nothing short AMAZING. From the minute you walk into the theater to the production, the actors. The play was filled with action and with so much story-telling. Alex’s thoughts on it: The show really brought the story to life and there are so many visuals, storyline, etc. that leaves you wanting more.

Dumbo, Brooklyn

This was my very first time being in Dumbo and I was literally left speechless. Our good friend and photographer, Lauren told us to come here specifically Jane’s Carousel. The views were amazing and I just wish I could explain it better than just saying amazing or beautiful but those are honestly the only words that come to mind. And the picture below, we took on the 5th floor of Empire Stores, a super cute marketplace! It’s right next to the carousel!

Food Galore

As for food, you guys know we LOVE trying new places anywhere we go. You can never go wrong with anywhere you go in New York. These are a few spots we hit up!

Hole in the Wall – Best burger I’ve ever had.

Cava – Amazing. Think Chipotle but Mediterranean

The Meatball ShopWe always come here to get our meatball fix.

Cedar LocalGreat for cocktails

The Grey Dogdeliciousness pictured below.

Sleepy Hollow

We had been trying to go to Sleepy Hollow for the longest! We were finally able to go this time around. It’s such a cool town. This is where the tale of the Headless Horseman started and where the creator, Washington Irving is buried. This cemetery was HUGE. We’re talking like 82 acres big. It’s open to the public and you can either drive around the cemetery or explore by foot! And we’ve heard they really go all out for Halloween with cemetery tours at night! And it’s an hour-long drive if you’re coming from the city!

Recommendations Made By You Guys

And I really wanted to include this section because so many of you guys had amazing recommendations! I’ve bookmarked all of them on Yelp so that I can revisit them whenever I go back to New York! Here are places you guys recommended:

Milk & Cream Cereal Bar

Piccola Cucina Osteria

San Marzano Pasta Fresca

Strand Bookstore


Museum of Sex

Magnolia Bakery



  1. January 30, 2019 / 10:25 pm

    Love this! Owning a house is definitely a blessing and it looks like your mini moon was so much fun! NY has a special place in my heart, I love it for so many reasons. Xo. Jas

  2. alexplata22
    January 30, 2019 / 10:40 pm


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