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Drive-in movie theater

Let’s talk about Miami and how far we are from having Fall weather. This heat isn’t gonna let up any time soon but there are still so many ways to get into the pumpkin spice, cute sweater weather season! For me, this season is all about spreading love, spending time with family and friends, and of course the unforgettable food comas that come with the holidays. Which is why I wanted to write this post! We don’t have to have super cool weather, leaves falling left and right to enjoy the Fall.

So I’m sharing a few of my favorite spots to hit up this Fall! Everything from my favorite restaurants for all the best comfort food to some cool gems you NEED to visit. Let’s do this friendssss!

Metro Diner / Big Bear Brewing Co.

So I don’t know about you guys but there’s nothing cozier for me than taking a trip somewhere. And if you haven’t noticed, Alex and I do it very often! We love spending time in Broward because it just has a completely different vibe than the city! And for some reason, during the Fall, we always head to two places. 1. Big Bear Brewing Co. and 2. Metro Diner.

They have an amazing menu and we love the old school diner vibes from Metro but we also love the intimate, dark scene at Big Bear. Both located in Coral Springs, you can’t go wrong with either. It just really depends on what you’re in the mood for! But I will say that the tomato soup from Metro Diner is an absolute must-have. Best tomato soup I’ve ever had!

If driving to Coral Springs isn’t your thing, Metro Diner is opening up a location in Pembroke Pines very soon.

Pinto Farm

Pinto pinto pinto. How I love you Pinto Farm! Alex and I went for the first time last year and we had such a good time. Every Fall season, Pinto hosts their annual pumpkin patch but you guys, it’s not JUST a pumpkin patch! They have a petting zoo, tractor rides, pony rides, pedal boat rides. When we were there, we did the tractor ride and the pedal boat rides and it just took me back to a time when I was a kid and we’d play outside for hours. Hahaa does that make sense?

There’s just something so special about this place. And they don’t just do it for Fall. They have festivals throughout the year like Easter at the Farm and Winterland.

And a lot of times, they have a Groupon so definitely check that out first if you’re looking to save a few bucks.


 Swap Shop Sunrise Drive-in Movie Theater

Okay if you guys follow me on the gram, you probably saw me raving about this place. And it’s honestly one of my favorites. We recently came here to watch a movie and I will say one thing. It’s harder to watch a movie if a lot of the scenes are dark. That’s kinda what happened to us. The movie we were watching was taking place at night so there were some scenes that were hard to make out. So definitely choose your movie wisely!

But again, there is something so cozy and so old-school about driving up to an empty lot, cuddled up to your honey while eating Chipotle or whatever you want because sneaking in food is not just allowed but encouraged hahaa! But if you didn’t get a chance to pick something up, they offer a concession stand that’ll come right to your door! I was so shook when I saw that you guys! It’s the cutest little cart with string lights driving around selling concession snacks (minus the concession prices).


Burr’s Berry Farm

If you haven’t been to Burr’s Berry Farm, now is the perfect time! For the month of October, they have their Harvest Festival going on! Think corn mazes, a pumpkin patch, hay rides and yummy food like candy apples and apple pies. They also have one of the best strawberry milkshakes (sorry not sorry Knaus Berry) + a really good waffle that they make and top with whipped cream and strawberry ice cream. It’s serious you guys!

Corn maze

Outdoor Fun (Citi Cinema Series at SoundScape, A.D. Barnes Park, Movies in the Park)

And finally, during this season, we just really love to take advantage of the cooler weather in Miami and spend time outside at events or just doing activities. So movies in the park, touring those old mansions that are too hot to explore during the summer but are perfect to walk around all day during the Fall and Winter. So here are just a few events that are currently on my radar!

Halloween Movie Night – Friday the 13th at BG Whiskey Creek Hideout

Citi Cinema Series at SoundScape

Halloween Campfire & Night Walk at A.D. Barnes Park

Ghost Tour at Arch Creek Park


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