5 Ways To Love Your Job Even When You Hate It

5 Ways To Love Your Job Even When You Hate It

Let’s Be Real

Most of us spend more time at our jobs than we do with our family and friends. In today’s world, it’s so easy to get caught up with work and projects, deadlines, presentations, you name it. According to Gallup, “Adults employed full-time report working an average of 47 hours per week, which equates to nearly six days a week”.  And that was back in 2015! Insane right?

During my college years, I only had a part-time job and it was the best job as a college student! I mean I was working with my friends, we were able to switch shifts that were only THREE hours long. Yeah, you read that right. A shift that was three hours long and I’d still catch myself complaining. So after graduating college and getting what I like to call an “Adult Job”, I was in for a surprise.

The beginning was extremely difficult. Not because I didn’t like my job but because I wasn’t use to working 8 hours a day.  I think that was the hardest for me. I kept saying to myself how do people do this. But I was grateful for my job and the position I was in which we’ll leave for another post hahaa. But after 7 months with my job, I finally feel like I have a great routine and a really good handle at what I do. I’m much more productive, calm, relaxed, patient, lol. Basically, all the things you want to be at work.

So I wanted to share with you the five things I do that have lead me to love my job (even more) and be more productive. I know I’m really fortunate to love what I do because there are so many of us that dread going to work. And that’s exactly why I wanted to write this! I want you guys to know that you don’t have to like what you do but you can make the best out of it.

Let’s do this babes!

Loving Your Job Even When You Hate It

Start the day by doing something you love

The first thing we do when we wake up is usually pick up our phones right. We’ll scroll through Instagram, look at our emails, or read our texts messages that came in late last night. But I started to think “man I’m picking up my phone, answering emails before I’m even out of bed”. And it was honestly a sucky way to start my work days. So I’ve started to take the first hour or two to do things that make ME happy (and yes, this requires me to wake up extra early but I’m totally cool with it). Seriously though. Wake up and go to the gym, listen to your favorite podcast, read a book, cook, clean, whatever brings you joy. Start your morning with that and you’ll go into work with such a clear head, ready to slay the day.

Take breaks (and take them often)

So I know this might not be easy for everyone but our brains literally need it. I don’t know about you but my attention span isn’t the greatest and when I don’t take mini-breaks throughout the day, I start to feel fatigued, tired, and so so overwhelmed with work. So lately what I’ll do is take a little break every two hours. So I’ll get up and go to the bathroom (that counts lol) or I’ll go get water, make myself coffee or tea. All these little things count because you’re stepping away for a second, diverting your attention to something else. It’s helped me be so much more productive at work.

Co-workers annoying you?

Okay so this is a funny one. I know a lot of people have annoying coworkers or work with people they don’t necessarily love. I thankfully work with great coworkers but that doesn’t mean they don’t annoy me from time to time. So what when I’m not in the mood, I limit my conversations with EVERYONE. Even the coworkers that aren’t annoying me because ya know what tends to happen. You start to take out the blame on the wrong person. So unless I absolutely have to tell you something or you need an answer from me, you won’t be hearing from me that whole day. I think this is so good because it keeps you from saying the wrong thing especially when we’re annoyed, bothered or angry.


Whatever this may look like to you, meditating is essential and I’m just learning how much I need it in my life hahaa. I meditate on God’s words, to music, to complete silence. This is especially helpful on those days you want to explode. But you don’t have to let it get to that point. Work on meditating now. There are so many apps out there that’ll teach you and guide you like Headspace.

Your Days Off Are Precious

Not even exaggerating you guys. Your days off are precious and they’re yours so really take advantage to spend them with the ones you love or doing the things you enjoy. What Alex and I have started doing are little staycations. So we’ll stay at a hotel and spend the weekend being tourists around our city, just like we would when we’re on vacation. It helps us really appreciate the time we have together and helps us get ready for the new week ahead. So take advantage of every moment you have.

Phew! This was a long one but I hope this helped you in some way!

I love you guys and we’ll talk soon!





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  1. September 25, 2018 / 8:01 am

    This is really good. And I need to do some of this as well. ❤️

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