The Big Easy – New Orleans in 2 Days

The Big Easy – New Orleans in 2 Days

Hey guys! Alex and I went on a quick trip to New Orleans and let me just say, my favorite part of this whole trip was the architecture (you’ll see why). Since we only spent two days there, we weren’t able to do much but it was still so much fun and I wanted to share with you guys what we did do. 


Hope you guys liked this style of post! I wanted to do something different and show you guys more rather than tell you guys about the trip! I will say that the Aquarium of the Americas was really REALLY small. I definitely think we would have skipped it if we knew how small it was going to be so that might be something you wanna keep in mind. But besides that, everything we did and the places we ate at were so so so good.

Let me know if you guys have been to New Orleans and what was your favorite thing to do!


Sending you guys so much love!

Cindy C.





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  1. Alexp
    March 29, 2018 / 12:06 pm

    I liked it! And I liked the photos. Maybe I took some of them. 😏 Lol.

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