23 Things I’ve Learned

23 Things I’ve Learned

AHHH! I’m so happy to finally be on here again! I’ve missed writing for you guys! If you didn’t hear, ya girl got a job at the beginning of February so that’s why I haven’t written in so long. The past month has just been so hectic and a matter of getting my schedule down packed to a T. But I’m here now and you’re here now so we’re good hahaa! But anyways with my birthday around the corner (hahaa tomorrow), I wanted to share a couple of things I’ve learned throughout these 23 years. I don’t even know where the time went #cryingface. I literally remember being in middle school and high school just the other day.

I’ve learned so many things about myself and just life these past years.

Okay no more talking lol. Here it is!

  1. Everyone WILL NOT like you. And that’s okay.
  2. People grow apart and that’s okay too. Some people are in your life for a season. Appreciate them for what they’ve taught you and move on.
  3. You won’t agree with the things your family or friends do and again THAT’S OKAY.
  4. Never let someone tell you what you can and cannot do.
  5. You are your own worst critic.
  6. Don’t let the people in your life or current circumstances (good or bad) determine your success in life.
  7. Work hard in silence. Those late nights WILL pay off.
  8. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted.
  9. Your job doesn’t define YOUR value. Your value is in God. And no one can change that or take that away.
  10. ALWAYS BE KIND TO YOURSELF & OTHERS *I struggle with this one everyday.
  11. Your personality will ALWAYS take you farther than your looks.
  12. Work on yourself for yourself.
  13. Be grateful no matter how bad your day, week, month has been. It can always be worse.
  14. Too often we’re too scared to ask. Don’t be. Ask for what you deserve whether it be in your workplace or personal lives.
  15. Walk away from anything that doesn’t serve you.
  16. Surround yourself with people who love and care for you.
  17. You’re beautiful on the inside and outside. Don’t forget that.
  18. Stand up for what you believe in. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably because it’s not.
  19. Love your body at whatever state it’s in at this very moment. It does so much for you. Keeps you alive (that’s important), helps you walk, helps you hug the people you love.
  20. Not happy with something? Change it, fix it, do what you have to do.
  21. Be intentional with everything that you do. In your relationships, at work, with your personal goals.
  22. Learn to be happy with where you’re at right now but let that drive you to work hard to where you want to be.
  23. Sometimes you have to put yourself FIRST.

There ya go! Hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know in the comments below something you’ve learned throughout the years! I love reading your comments. ❤️

And P.S. it’s also my sister’s birthday today (TWIN LIFE). Here’s a major throwback hahaa.



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  2. Diana Duran
    April 12, 2018 / 11:47 am

    This was great! So trueeeee 💜

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