The Chronicles of Hurricane Irma

Hi babes! I’m writing this on a Saturday, Sep. 9th. I live in Miami so we’re pretty much bunkered down waiting for Hurricane Irma to pass. Luckily, the storm shifted west so we’re no longer being hit directly but Miami is still in the cone of concern. Praying for everyone on the west coast of Florida.

I wanted to do a personal diary style post. Hope you guys like it or are at least entertained until the power comes back on.

Much love and stay safe babes.

Location: Hialeah

Saturday, Sep. 9th

2 PM – Palacio de los Jugos was open (thankfully). Alex and I were hungry so we got some delicious arroz imperial, mofongo, and maduros. Our last real meal for the next couple of hours…

3 PM – Needless to say, we entered into a food coma. We took a two-hour nap.

6 PM – Created a photo book with Shutterfly. P.S. use the code 1FREEBOOK and get yours for free. I only paid for shipping, can’t wait to share it with you guys.

7:30 PM – I still have power so I’ve literally been watching tv for the past half hour. And I just ate a tequeno. The only thing I’m gonna be losing during this hurricane are my snacks (thankfully lol).

8:22 PM – It’s been quiet outside until now. It’s pouring and it’s really windy. Luckily we have impact windows so we can see EVERYTHING.

9:45 PM – Gave myself a pedicure. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a pedicure.

10:00 PM – It’s back to being quiet. I still have power *cue evil laugh

10:45 PM – I think I’m gonna go to sleep. I’ve run out of things to do lol.

Sunday, Sep. 10th

7:23 AM – It’s been pouring outside. A lot of thunder and rain. But I still have power.

12:30 PM – Giving myself a manicure. Slowly running out of things to do…

1:34 PM – Taking ANOTHER nap.

2:24 PM – Just kidding. Never took a nap. But our electricity keeps coming in and out. Might go out soon.

What are you up to during this horrible storm?



  1. Brooke

    I’m at my parents on the west side of the state. Praying that nothing too terrible happens. I’ve been really sluggish. We still have power so just getting fat, writing blog posts that are way over due and watching all of the Disney movies. Lol 🤗🌟😂


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