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The whole reason why I got to go to New York in the first place was to do an internship with myFace. This all started more than a year ago when Eddie, Alex’s brother asked me if I’d like to intern with the company he works with. Initially, the thought was scary but I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone so I jumped on the opportunity. Fast forward a year later, I’m sitting in a meeting with doctors, their colleagues, and patients (talk about intimidating hahaa). For those of you who don’t know, myFace is a nonprofit organization that focuses on patients living with craniofacial conditions. There’s a whole team that provides the surgery, counseling, dental care, speech therapy for these patients, many of whom are no older than 17.

I came in as a Marketing Intern and my very first day they wanted me to sit in a meeting where the team meets with the patient and their family. I remember this little girl coming in with her mom and I’ll never forget it because of the way it made me feel. Someone from the team asked her if she gets bullied at school and her response was yes. Because she was BORN with a facial disformity, she was getting picked on at school. And I don’t know how the rest of the people felt, but my heart absolutely sank. Here is this little girl who can’t be older than 5 years-old and she could barely look at us in the face. It broke my heart because as a parent (I imagine), all you want to do is protect your child from the horrible things of this world.

Living with facial disfigurements is far more than just the physicality of it. I mean imagine this: we all have our days when we don’t like the way we look when we don’t feel as confident as we should. But imagine experiencing that every single day of your life. I could go on about this topic for days but I’ll leave it at this. myFace is changing the lives of these patients and families living with these conditions. Yes, beauty is only skin deep but your spirit and your self-esteem are worth so much more.

So besides the meeting, I got the opportunity to get hands on experience with the marketing team at myFace but I’ll spare you the “not as exciting” details. I wanted this post to be more about that single moment I experienced because it was like nothing I had ever witnessed. I was debating whether I should even write about this but if it resonates with anyone, I’d be happy 🙂

If you want more information about myFace and what they do, visit

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