June Favorites

June Favorites

This month was filled with so much food but hey! I can’t complain. A lot of my favorites this month were restaurants so if you’re hungry & reading this post, I might make you even more hungry. Haha sorry.

Bolay is a local casual restaurant that started in Palm Beach County. We first went to the place because of a good friend that kept telling us to go so we did! And it was so yummy and filling. So here’s a quick rundown. You pick your bowl size then you start with your base (I went with cilantro noodles & Peruvian quinoa). Then comes the veggies. I chose the brussel sprouts, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. After it’s the protein which was my FAVORITE part because they let me try each one. It was so hard to decide but I went with the lemon chicken. And to top it off, I added goat cheese and cilantro pesto sauce.

And this day we went with a large bowl which was more than enough. I started entering food coma mode but minus the guilt. Plus if you’re sensitive to gluten, the whole menu is gluten free.

Miami Design District – I finally made it to MDD this month! I had been wanting to go for a really long time because I would see these really cool sculptures and buildings. I hope I’m not the only one but does anybody else go to a place just for the architecture? I promise I couldn’t stop looking around. It was just so fascinating, the reflective blues and the Fly’s Eye Dome by Buckminster Fuller and Le Corbusier by French artist Xavier Veilhan. The design district is also filled with cool spots to grab a bite like Mercato, a cute bakery/sandwich shop.

Blaze Pizza – If you know me, you know that PIZZA is my absolute favorite, right after fries. So when Alex took me here, I was in heaven guys. The Blaze Pizza I went to was in Davie but I know there are some similar places closer to Miami. BUT Blaze cooks your pizza in 3 minutes (feels like an eternity when you’re starving but they’re so fast about it). We ordered the White Top, one of their signature pizzas and added pepperoni. If pizza isn’t your thing, they also have salads. And if you’re pressed for time, you can place your order online!

Metro Diner – The first time I went to Metro Diner was in Atlanta so when we came here for Father’s Day, we didn’t realize it was the same place. But the minute we saw the menu we knew we had been there before. The menu is so extensive, they have something for even the pickiest eater. My first time here I got eggs benedict (I don’t remember which ones exactly but I remember liking them a lot. That hollandaise sauce ughhhh). And the last time I went I got a Breakfast Pie, pictured below. It had eggs, a ton of cheese, onions, peppers, and red skin potatoes. The service was also great. You don’t find that southern hospitality too often in Miami but this place treats you so well and attentively. Another thing I loved about this place was that they give you a lot of food for your buck. The plates are perfect for sharing or you know just eating it all yourself. That’s cool too.

All Day – This place is literally in the most unexpected nook in Miami but it adds great charm. All Day is a coffee shop known for their breakfast, like the blue grits and a sammie called Runny & Everything that includes a fried egg, bacon, sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and garlic aioli on an everything brioche bun. Because we were crunched on time, I only tried their iced latte and ham croqueta which was on point. But what I really fell in love with was the interior and exterior of the shop. The inside is big enough to gather a crowd but still small and intimate. And you can take your breakfast + cafecito outside where they have tables. P.S. they have really cute matches with their logo on it (which I’m obsessed with). I think they’re free. . . we took some lol.

So you guys might be wondering where the heck is the food, Cindy?!!?? Check them out on my Instagram.

Tell me if you’ve been to any of these places and what you liked! Or if there’s a restaurant, eatery, coffee shop, donut shop, anything you’re currently obsessing over. Leave me a comment below.


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