Harry Potter in Concert + Frost Science Museum

Hello babes! Mondays are tough. This is the second time I’m writing this post. The first one got deleted but it’s okay! Second time’s a charm, right? I wanted to share with you guys what I did this past weekend. It was Alex’s birthday recently so we did a little staycation at Aloft Miami Brickell. The hotel screams Miami vibes. It was so cute and mod. We even had our own balcony in our room with a view of the Brickell area. Plus the bed was super comfy and spacious.  The only downside was the parking. You either had to park on the street where they have side parking or pay $25 a day for valet. Luckily we only stayed a night so it wasn’t that bad. Ohh and they have a whole bar and a pool table in the lobby guys! Like whatttt. 

If you guys follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, holla city of squala), you might have seen my story about Harry Potter in Concert. It was held at the Adrienne Arsht Center on Saturday and it was great. I wasn’t a Harry Potter fan until a few months ago (super late I know) but once I saw the first movie, I couldn’t stop watching the rest of the series. They showed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and a full orchestra played the film score from literally beginning to end. They even played until the end of the credits. They’re still touring across the country. The next one in Florida will be September 29th to October 1st in Tampa. For tickets, click here

After the show, we went to a place called Flashback Diner. I freaking love diners. They always have such a large variety of food, makes it so hard to decide what to eat. This diner is known for their massive cakes and milkshakes. I had their vanilla milkshake one time after dinner and we couldn’t finish it among three people. Three people guys! It was crazy. But everything is really good at this diner.      

Sunday morning we woke up early to conquer the Frost Science Museum. This was my second time going but Alex hadn’t gone yet. I’m going to be really honest. Architecturally speaking, the museum is beautiful, no doubt. But I left feeling a little underwhelmed. In my opinion, the museum overcharges and under delivers. And I absolutely hate to say it. I don’t know if it was all the hype surrounding the new museum but spending $30 (rounded up) for a museum that will take you about an hour and a half is not doable for everyone. I will say this! You definitely have to go check it out at least once. My favorite part of the museum was the 4th floor. The views are amazinggg. And if you find yourself going often to the museum, definitely invest in a membership. Prior to going to the museum, we invested in the individual membership and its saved us money overall plus there are perks (hey girl heyyyyy). Ohh and another thing! Parking can get a little pricey. Parking costs $8 the first hour and $4 after every additional hour. What we did was park at the parking garage at Bayside and I guess since it was so early we only paid $5. 

What did you guys do this past weekend? Or what do you guys have planned for the summer?? I wanna know so leave a comment below. Much love. XOXO

May I Never Forget The Good Things He Has Done For Me

Psalm 10 3:2



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