May Favorites

I’m really excited to start this new series on my blog. Every month I’ll be sharing some of my favorite moments and experiences like new restaurants I tried, places I’ve been to, all that fun stuff. May has been such a blessing for me in so many ways. I got the chance to try out places that have been on my list for months now and I got to go to my first South Florida Blogger Meetup (it was killer, I’ll explain why). Keep reading for more! 

May was filled with great food, amazing coffee, and amazing experiences. Here were my favorites: 

Roasting Buddies: Coffee runs through my veins (if you know, you know). So when I finally made it out to Roasting Buddies, I was super excited to finally try one of their perfectly curated drinks. I went with the Macchiato and I couldn’t go without ordering a carrot cake loaf. The coffee was done so perfectly. It was the right blend of bold and sweet. It was also super Instagram-worthy so you know ya girl took advantage of that. The carrot cake didn’t stay behind. And that’s saying a lot from a girl who doesn’t eat carrot cake. 

Location: 18457 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

Wynwood Market Place: For Mother’s Day weekend, I took my mom to Wynwood since she had never been. We went with the intention of sightseeing and getting a drink or two but we then ran into this marketplace filled with different vendors and a gazillion food trucks (It was like Wynwood heaven). They had everything from cute cactuses to cool thrifty clothes. As for food, they had such a large variety like acai bowls, arepas, burgers. There was even a food truck dedicated to just french fries (that’s my kind of meal). They have upcoming events every Friday, Saturday, and Sundays.

Killer Melts & SFL Bloggers Brunch:  These two things went hand in hand and it was my favorite experience for May. I came across The Blogger Union on somebody’s Instagram story and they were having a brunch meetup in Miami. Now I had never been to any kind of networking event let alone a blogger event so I was super nervous but extra hyped about going. The event took place at Killer Melts (thanks again guys) and we got the chance to hear from the amazing photographers Gabe Sanchez, Christine Russo, and Alex Veliz. They shared their tips and secrets to nailing the best photos and why we as bloggers hold so much worth. So if you’re reading this and you’re an aspiring blogger, blogger entrepreneur, blogger anything, take a second to check out The Blogger Union linked below. The generosity and the kindness of the people I met was a breath of fresh air. It’s amazing to see and experience an atmosphere of love and collaboration (definitely not what I expected). 

And some more details about Killer Melts . . .they initially started as a food truck in 2014 and today they have just opened up their first storefront in Miami. I got to try the Cheddar Mac Melt and Buffalo Melt, both out of this world. I can’t say enough good things about this place. P.S. the restaurant is also Instagram-worthy.  Make sure you show them some love. 

12310 SW 127th Ave, Miami, FL 33186 


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