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This past December I stumbled upon an event called Miami Flea. It was such a cool experience because in the 21 years I’ve lived in Miami, I’ve never seen so many people supporting local shops + creatives. They had everything from vendors selling vintage pieces to the cutest succulents to phenomenal jewelry pieces. And nobody can do all that shopping without some grub (no shortage of that). Miami Flea had pop-up eateries like Coyo, Miami Smokers, and Wynwood Parlor. 

So you might be wondering who are the people orchestrating this? Well . . .

Responsible for putting together events like Movies Under the Stars, Rooftop Unplugged, and A + E Miami Flea, Prism Creative Group is the team behind the madness. With the help of locals, this team has brought Miami to life in hopes that the Magic City will develop a unique identity, much like the people here. So what started this movement and why? That’s what I find out when I got the opportunity to interview the Director of Storytelling and the Curator of Culture, Pola Bunster & Isabella Acker. 

What was the inspiration behind Prism Creative Group? 

Prism Creative Group was born from everything we felt was missing in Miami for both its locals and the creatives who call the city their home. Places where people can connect both with each other and the local creative scenes, moments that re-instill pride in our city, and accessible culture for everyone. Because Miami is growing so quickly, we wanted to make sure that it is developing thoughtfully and that the story of our local creative community wasn’t getting lost. It’s a young city, still looking to claim a real identity that has a chance to be conscious, innovative, and impactful and with Prism Creative Group we hope to be a key player in that. 


 Can you tell me more about yourselves such as interests, hobbies, what you guys love to do outside of work? 

We love to travel and experience other cultures whenever we can. Things that inspire us: the beach, great conversations, yoga, live music, good food, spending time with friends and family, and again, live music. We spend our time exploring our city, and others around the world, discovering what each culture has to offer and how we can support it through what we do. 

Isabella: I see that you’ve worked as the Marketing Director of Live Nation Florida Clubs & Theaters. What can you say you learned most from that experience? 

I would say that this is where I began to perfect how to put a marketing plan in place for a variety of shows and acts. This is something that took time to learn and develop, and we use at Prism every day. 

Pola: As Director of Storytelling, what has been the most challenging part of your role? 

Finding passionate writers and developing a core team of constrictors has been pretty hard. I started as a hobby blogger myself and it’s hard to take myself out of wanting to write everything and have to delegate to other people whose writing styles are completely different than my own.

 I went to the last Miami Flea of 2016 for the first time and it was amazing. I’ve always loved shopping locally and you guys have made it so easy for Miamians to support their community. What has been both of your favorite events thus far? 

Of course, we love A+E’s Miami Flea because it was the first time we could see the community supporting all-local makers on such a wide scale, but there are so many events we love! The Ultimate Brunch at The Citadel showed a slice of what’s to come at Miami’s first food hall in Little River and it was awe-inspiring. We loved Olé! A Night of Flamenco at The Wynwood Yard, which brought Adrienne Arsht Center level of culture to an outdoor lot for a free community show. Bringing the Latin Grammy-winning, Monsieur Periné from Colombia to Canvas Miami this past December was epic, people couldn’t believe the show was open to the public and we couldn’t believe how magical it was. Finally, we have to say that Biscayne Green so far has been pretty amazing in so many ways, but this past Sunday’s Puppy Brunch took the cake with so many happy people connecting over their common love of food and of course, puppies. 

You guys must be so excited for Biscayne Green this weekend (I can’t wait)! What can we expect in 2017 in regards to events, programming, etc. ?

We want our footprint to speak beyond local and to curious travelers who haven’t been able to have a true “Miami” experience on an authentic level. Larger projects and initiatives that go beyond events and into long-lasting impact for the entire community. 


Don’t miss the next Miami Flea happening Feb. 19th! 





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