5 Must-Know Tips When Traveling

1. Airbnb.com – Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which is a-okay), everyone knows about Airbnb. It’s basically a community of people that open their doors to travelers all around the world. What makes this so amazing is that you have the option to either rent out a room or the whole house if you’d like. AND the best part is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg like many hotels usually do. 

2. Citypass.com – Citypass is a great option for when you’re traveling from state to state. So online at citypass.com, you are able to buy these city passes to cities like Atlanta, Southern California, Boston, Chicago, New York. So for example, Alex and I bought the one for our Los Angeles trip and the city pass included: Disneyland & California Adventure (3-day park hopper ticket with magic morning), Seaworld San Diego, and Legoland. Plus you are able to add other things in like the zoo or another park. And this would usually be $482. Instead, you’ll pay $341 so that’s pretty awesome. 

3. So there are a TON of great travel apps: I’m just gonna list some of my favorites below:

TripIt will help you plan your trip from where you’re staying at to what you’re gonna do. 

Skyscanner will compare flights with hundreds of airlines. 

– Gogobot will recommend places to go to based on other peoples’ reviews. 

4. Travel in the off-season. For example, right after summer is over or right after winter is over. There also tends to be alot of good deals when places have unfavorable weather. take New York City. Alot of people don’t want to go when the winter is extreme there so whenever that happens to be, that’s your chance. 

5. Best way to save on flights is traveling on a Saturday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. These offer the best airfare deals. And you can use the app Skyscanner or Hipmunk (another great travel app) to book your flights.   



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